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Displaying Holiday Cards in Your Apartment

Pile of greeting cards

Cards begin to arrive at your Cypress River apartment in Ladson, SC shortly after Thanksgiving and on through the month of December in their brightly colored envelopes and fancy fonts, but once you’ve read them and thought of the sender with fondness, what do you do with the cards? We’ve got some ideas about that! 

  • Make a holiday card garland. String garland or even a string of miniature lights across a wall or mantle and use clips or clothespins to attach Christmas cards.
  • Use magnets to position cards to the refrigerator or any other metal surface in a pleasing pattern.

  • Put the cards in clear plastic covers in a decorated binder and leave it in a convenient place for people to browse.

  • Put the cards among the branches of your tree. They can add a festive touch with their holiday colors. 

  • Simply put the cards, as you receive them, in a festive basket and leave it on a table. 

  • Make a holiday tree out of the cards and tape (use the non-marking type of tape) to the door or wall. 

  • Tack the cards onto a bulletin board to add a splash of holiday cheer to the room. 

  • Get an outdoor shutter (preferably red or green - or paint one) and place the cards in the louvers. 

  • Attach ribbons to the door and then attach cards to the ribbon using straight pins or paper clips. 

  • Wrap ribbon tightly around an old-fashioned sled and then insert cards under the ribbon, lean the sled so it’s upright against a wall. 

  • If you have a magnetic board, simply use your magnets (or get some special holiday ones) to hand your cards on the board — or even use the refrigerator as a card canvas. 

  • Use a clear canister, extra-large Mason jar, or clear cookie jar to hold your cards. 

What are your favorite ways to display holiday cards? Did it make our list? We hope you enjoy the holiday season here in Ladson.