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Holiday Greeting Cards Made Simple

a red envelope among multiple white envelopes

One of the joys of the season is receiving holiday greetings via letters and cards. It’s always exciting to receive a card or package addressed to you at your Cypress River apartment in Ladson, SC. Today we have some tips to help you create and get your cards in the mail.

Decide what type of letter you want to send. There are many ways you can reach out to loved ones this time of year through a greeting card. What type of note you send depends on how much time you have to create it, personalize it, and send it out — and, of course, what type suits your interests best. You can write a one- or two-page letter highlighting memorable moments of the year, or you can simply take a photo and make it a postcard, signing it with your name (with an electronic signature or a handwritten one).

Gather your writing and postage supplies. Be prepared. Before you sit down to add handwritten notes in each of your cards, gather up everything you’re going to need so you don’t have to stop when you’re on a roll to find an address or the roll of stamps. You may also want an extra pen, some fun stickers, and photos if you are planning on including them with your card.

Create a list. Help yourself get a feel for how you should divide up your time in writing your letters or addressing envelopes by putting together a master list for who you want to send your greetings to. Update addresses as you get cards from others, and keep a backup list available in another place in case the one you’re working off of accidentally gets destroyed or deleted.

Make each card personal. If you are writing notes in your cards, here are a few tips to follow: 

1) Make your message unique. Write something that will make your card stand out from all the others. Perhaps bringing up something the two of you share, for instance. 

2) Add a compliment. Who doesn’t like a compliment? Take a moment to think of why this person is important to you and tell them! 

3) Speak from the heart. It’s your words that sets your card apart from the printed verse, no matter how carefully it was chosen. Your words, in your handwriting, create an emotional connection. 

We hope you enjoy sending and receiving holiday greetings this season. What are your favorite things to include in your messages?