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Laundry Day Tips

Woman standing in front of front-loading washing machine

Laundry is inevitable, especially if you don’t want to smell bad by the end of the month. Taking time each week to wash your clothing can be tedious and time-consuming. In this week’s Cypress River Blog, we’re going to share with you some tips to help make your laundry day a little easier when using our Ladson, SC apartment community laundry facilities!


Set a Timer

Have you ever forgotten your laundry in the machine? This usually happens when you put a load in the laundry and head off to do something else. Set a timer to remind yourself that your load is done, so you can head down immediately and switch it to the dryer or take it back to your apartment. Try to avoid doing any activities that will require your full attention or ones you can’t step away from immediately. Leaving laundry in the washing machine can cause your clothes to stink, so switch it over to the dryer immediately!


Don’t overstuff the machine!

It’s always tempting to put “just one more” item into the wash, but that often leads to another item, and another, and another — until it’s stuffed to the max. While this may seem like a moment of triumph, it could actually do you more harm than good. Less space means it’s harder for water and soap to thoroughly reach each item. The crowding can trap in dirt. Avoid any unnecessary problems with your laundry by doing multiple loads, as tempting as doing it all in one load can be.


Be Courteous to Others

Leaving your clothes in either machine can cause a delay for other residents wanting to do their laundry. Be courteous to your neighbors by being prompt about switching laundry over or bringing it back home. Don’t leave your clothes in the machine as though you’re the only one to use it. Be sure to clean up after yourself and leave the facility better than you found it.


Laundry is tedious and time-consuming, but we hope you enjoyed these tips for making laundry day less of a pain