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Recommit to Your Resolutions

a journal with a pen next to it and in text on the page New Years Resolutions

Did you make any New Year’s resolutions? If you did, how well are you doing in accomplishing them? With busy lives and other distractions, it’s easy to fall off the resolution wagon. To help you recommit to your resolutions, we’ve decided to share with you some ways you can steel your resolve and recommit to achieving your goals in this week’s Cypress River Blog.

Evaluate Your Progress

At some point, you’ve attempted to fulfill your resolutions, so we suggest taking some time to evaluate how far you’ve come. Evaluating your progress will allow you to see what you’ve actually done, which can inspire you to attempt your resolution again. Many people give up on their resolutions because they seem out of reach, thus seeing your progress will help you understand how much you’ve accomplished already.

Make Adjustments

Now that you’ve experienced 3 months of the year, you’ll be able to get an idea of the type of schedule you’ll have. Using that knowledge, you can make adjustments on how you can approach achieving your resolutions. Make changes to your daily activities and fit your resolution related activities in.

Write It Down

Similar to your initial resolution making, we recommend writing down your recommitment to your resolution, along with the adjustments. Writing it down gives you a physical copy to refer back to, and helps you to remember the resolution better. Once it’s written down, post it somewhere you can see easily as a daily reminder of what you’re wanting to achieve.


A New Year’s resolution can be difficult to achieve, so we hope these tips will help you recommit to making some positive and lasting changes in your life. If you have any other ways you recommit to resolutions, we’d love for you to leave a comment for our Ladson, SC apartment community!