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Spring Clean like a Champ

a man wearing rubber gloves scrubbing a table

March ushers in the spring cleaning season! Your home may have accumulated through the previous year various items that cause it to feel cluttered. Clutter can add stress to your life, so we suggest taking the time to go through your home and give it a good cleaning. In this week’s Cypress River Blog, we’ve got a few tips to aid you in your spring cleaning efforts!


If you want your apartment to look cleaner, one way to achieve that clean look is to get rid of the clutter in your home. What is clutter? Clutter can be described as items and objects that are lying around in an untidy fashion. Go through your home and find objects, clothing, and loose items and put them aside. The ones that are still functional but that have no use in your house can be donated to thrift shops or homeless shelters to give them new life.


When you’re striving for a home that looks clean, you’re going to want to be as organized as possible. Find an organization system that works for you. One of the most difficult things to do is finding a place for the smaller items that may not necessary have a home. We suggest investing in boxes of various sizes and using them to store loose items. Not only will these items have a place, they also won’t be left lying around.

Get Your Hands Dirty

Once the clutter is gone and your things are organized, you may still have a dirty home. At that moment, it’s time to get your hands dirty and do some hardcore cleaning! Start with the spots of your home that see the most use, giving extra attention to your kitchen appliances like the refrigerator and the stove. Don’t forget to move the furniture and clean the hard to reach spots!

Spring cleaning is tough, but we hope these tips make it a little easier! If you have some cleaning tips that work well for you, share them with our Ladson, SC apartment community by leaving a comment!