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Step Up Your Instagram Game

someone using their phone outside at dusk

Many people spend a lot of their time on social media, with their attention being divided between the various platforms. Instagram is one of the more popular social media platforms that utilizes a visual component, which is why we’ve decided to focus on ways you can step up your Instagram game in this week’s Cypress River Blog.


Since Instagram is a visual medium, the only way content is seen is through consistent posting. We recommend being more consistent in your posting. The more you post, the more your friends and followers will see your content. This is especially important if you’re using Instagram as a means of marketing for a business or a blog.


The overall look of your account can make the difference between people following you or ignoring you. Many of the most popular and most followed accounts, with the exception of celebrity accounts, have a cohesive theme to them. When considering a theme for your account, consider the type of content you’re trying to push. For example, mommy bloggers generally use a lighter theme, whereas certain photographers may utilize a darker theme.


Posting pictures is just a part of regular use of Instagram, which is why quality is an essential part of stepping up your game. High quality images lend to a more appealing account, especially if you’re representing a business. How do you get better quality in your photographs? We recommend getting familiar with the basics of photography, which includes technical aspects like composition, lighting, and depth of field. As you utilize these techniques with the photos you take, the quality will increase naturally.


Do you have any tips for the Instagram users of our Ladson, SC apartment community? Leave a comment for us! Remember: you don’t need to use these tips if you’re just using Instagram as a means to post photos of your life in a journal format. Thanks for reading.