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Things to Do Around a Fire Pit


Cypress River Blog, Ladson, SC Apartments   Enjoy a summer night by our fire pit with some of our suggestions of things to do around a fire!

On a nice summer night here in Ladson, SC, it’s a treat to sit by a fire and enjoy the weather. Here at Cypress River Apartments, we’ve got a fire pit that’s ready for our residents to use! This week in the Cypress River Blog, we’ve got some suggestions for activities to do around the fire pit!


S’mores, Hot Dogs & More

Food is always a good choice when you’re around a fire. You don’t need to go camping to enjoy the best parts about camping! Head to the grocery store and pick up some graham crackers, chocolate bars, and marshmallows for S’mores. Other good options for firesides are hot dogs or Starburst candies. Using the fire to cook your food gives it a different kind of flavor and immerses you in the atmosphere of the fire pit.


Singing/Guitar Playing

Bonfires usually come with some level of singing and guitar playing, reminiscent of summer camps and singing Kumbaya while sitting around the fire. If you’re going to be spending an evening out there, it would be a fun activity to have someone bring and play guitar. If you play, brush up on some sing-along type songs to present for the group to sing-along with you. Please remember to be mindful of other residents if you are going to be using the fire pit in the apartment community.



There are a number of games that you can play around the fire. Word games and games like Mafia are good options. If you’re going to play a game, choose one everyone around the fire can participate in. Remember that fire is dangerous, so avoid any games that involve rough-housing and any semblance of physicality.


We hope you enjoy these suggestion of things to do around a fire pit. We hope you enjoy the amenities that we have for you here at Cypress River. If we missed any fun activities, let us know by leaving a comment below!