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Tips for a Day of Swimming

Woman in a hat sitting on the edge of a swimming pool with her foot in the water

When the weather is hot and the sun is out, there’s no better remedy than jumping into a cold, refreshing pool of water. Residents of Cypress River have access to our Ladson, SC apartment community swimming pool, and we encourage residents to take advantage of the facilities! In this week’s Cypress River Blog, we’ve got a few tips on how to better enjoy a day at the pool!



It may seem like a stretch to prepare for a day at the apartment swimming pool, but being prepared is always beneficial. If you’re going to spend the whole day at the pool, it is wise to pack enough sunscreen, a towel, and an emergency first-aid kit in your belongings in case of injury.


Mental preparation is equally as important as physical preparation. Accidents can happen, but if you’re mentally prepared for the chance of an emergency, you’re more able to handle injuries or emergency circumstances with a clear and calm mind. Being calm helps others to remain calm as well.


Be mindful of others. Horsing around may be fun, but there are plenty of ways it can hurt or bother someone else, especially in a crowded pool. If you’re going to be playing games that require you to be physical, be aware of the people around you and keep your distance to avoid injuring them. Remember that there are other people in the pool, so keep the splashing to a minimum if you’re close to someone and practice having fun without getting into a stranger’s personal space. This not only is polite, but it can help you avoid accidents. Another important part of being mindful also means listening to the lifeguards on duty and taking frequent restroom breaks so they don’t have to stop, clear everyone from the pool, and clean it!


Don’t Swim Alone

Accidents happen. Even if you’re an experienced swimmer, they can happen to you. Taking a friend reduces the risk of injury or drowning. Not only can they help you in case of an emergency, they’re also around for you to have fun with. If you’re at the pool with children, you should also always be present and stay aware of where they are at all times, encouraging them to follow swimming safety rules.


Swimming is a fun way to spend the summer, but you don’t want any injuries to stand in the way of that. We hope these tips will help you enjoy using our community swimming pool this summer!